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  • Once I have an appointment, how can I contact Mount Atlanta?
    Please email our team at
  • How do I become a Mount Atlanta technician?
    We are always looking to add qualified technicians to our team. To apply, simply click here and fill out an application.
  • How do I know when the technician will arrive?
    Your Mount Atlanta technician will text or call you when they are on the way. Unlike other services, you typically do not have to wait long for us to arrive.
  • How can my company partner with Mount Atlanta?
    We're always interested in new partnership opportunities. You can reach out to our Strategic Partnerships team at
  • How do I pay Mount Atlanta?
    We don't request payment from you until after the repair or installation is complete beside the $25 deposit that is required when making appointment. At that time, you can simply pay our technician using his or her mobile phone. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal (only for deposit).
  • Who do I contact about PR or marketing opportunities?
    You are welcome to email us at
  • Do I need to let the technician into my home?
    For many Mount Atlanta services, such as appliance repair or TV mounting, you will need to let our technician into your home. For other services, such as mobile device repair, we are happy to meet you at your office, gym, or even a nearby coffee shop.
  • How soon can I schedule a technician?
    In many cases, we can be at your doorstep today. The technology behind our platform allows us to quickly find a trusted Mount Atlanta technician in your area and match them to your job. We often respond faster than our competitors. If you do not need a same-day appointment, we can schedule an appointment for a time that is most convenient to you. Scheduling ultimately depends on our technicians' availability and on your desired appointment time.
  • Do I need to be there with the technician the entire time?
    Not necessarily. Many customers enjoy observing the technician and seeing how the work gets done, but you're more than welcome to run errands, attend to work, or focus on anything else during that time. Our goal is always to make your day easier.
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